For me, dance is used as a release of emotion and provides me with a sense of self accomplishment. As a performer I wish to share my expression and inspire audience members. My dedication and passion for dance has permeated all aspects of my life, creating a driven and hardworking work ethic. Through dance, performance, and choreography, I enjoy developing connections with other dancers and feeding off of their energy to discover new movement. With dance, my successes and discoveries are unlimited.




Photography by: CLiK Studios


As an educator of dance I understand the importance of creating knowledgeable and versatile dancers through teaching sound technique and correct alignment. To teach correct alignment, knowledge of anatomy is necessary. A variety of styles will be explored through many training elements such as imagery, risk-taking, and critical thinking. My students will be motivated and provided with critiques that challenge them mentally and physically. Through a friendly relationship and also discipline, my students will be encouraged to become the best that they can be. I wish to inspire my students to follow their dreams. I will also take inspiration from them to be the best teacher I can be.